Fuller's Earth- One of Mother Earth's Most Beautiful Gifts

Fuller's Earth- One of Mother Earth's Most Beautiful Gifts

Beautifying oneself is an age-old human behavior. The only difference between the ancient times and now is that the concept of beauty has changed. While today's cosmetic, chemical world tells people that they are inadequate and should look like the models they present to the world, ancient beauty techniques simply sought to bring out the inherent beauty of each person out. Though there were certain standards of beauty, in general, everyone celebrated his or her own unique looks. As such, they depended on nature to beautify themselves- and Nature does not discriminate.

One of the most popular beauty product used in the ancient world is mud. People believed that Mother Earth has all that we need to nourish us. Needless to say, despite mud-packs gaining popularity today, they have actually been used for centuries by humans. The ancients discovered that certain kinds of mud had special qualities, and Fuller's Earth is one such special mud.

Fuller's Earth has been used for face packs in South-East Asia from olden times. It is such a useful beauty method that it is popular even today. Commonly known as 'Multani mitti' (Soil from Multan), use of this mud pack has scores of benefits, and no side-effects at all.

To use this mud, make a paste out of it with mineral water and apply it on your face. You can even use rose-water and milk. This deep-cleansing soil is a one-stop solution for a number of skin problems like acne, blackheads, wrinkles and many more. Application on the hair will free your scalp from dirt, grease and dandruff.

Mix this mud with water, milk, rose-water, honey- just about any natural product to make a paste and find amazing results within no time. Fuller's Earth is one of Nature's most mysterious and precious gifts to human-kind. Make it a regular part of your beauty regime, and nourish your skin and hair with one of Mother Earth's most beautiful gifts.

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